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RealTAG™ is the desktop solution that gives lenders realtime insight to your borrowers.

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If you're tired of collateral surprises, RealTAG™
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Enter your borrowers name and address and in seconds RealTAG delivers a concise financial view of your prospect. With over 225 data points on every lead, RealTAG brings industry leading AVM’s foreclosure and N.O.D indicators, current equity, predictive modeling on 145+ million homeowners to your desktop.

We run EVERY lead through RealTAG, while we have the borrower on the phone. My LO's get accurate value, equity as well as comp's before we've filled out the 1003... It's quick, powerful, and easy to use. RealTAG is one of those simple ideas that turned out beautifully...

—Mark Foreman, ARC Funding

New: Upload up to 1000 past clients from your desktop to generate HOT leads!

RealTAG is the first real-time lead qualification tool built specifically for the Real-Estate industry. RealTAG answers the most important questions about your prospects